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Fall is a great time of year for outdoor family fun including apple picking, hay rides and taking hikes in mountains to view the splendor of the fall colors. But, as the cold of winter approaches, our thoughts turn to indoor activities and our old friend, the furnace.Your furnace has been sitting idle all summer long. Is it ready for another harsh Colorado winter? There’s only one way to find out. Have it checked by a professional furnace technician, like Paul Garrison from Allen Service of Fort Collins. Paul has over 38 years in the heating and air conditioning services industry. He knows what can happen if you don’t have a furnace checked before starting it up for the winter.

The Need to Have It Checked

Paul says, “The last thing you want on that first cold morning of winter is to turn on your furnace and, for some reason, it’s not blowing hot air. The best way to keep your furnace in good working condition is to have it checked before you really need it.”

Think about it this way. You go to the dentist twice a year to have your teeth cleaned and checked. You’re hoping everything will be OK, but the only way you’re going to know if is you go! When the appointment is done, you feel great. The same goes for your furnace. Have it checked and you’ll feel great!

Preventative Maintainance

According to Paul, “The number one reason you need to have your Fall Furnace Safety Check done is the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning.”

Exhaust fumes from the furnace include deadly carbon monoxide gas. A properly functioning furnace system is designed to keep the fumes inside the heat exchanger and then send them safely out of the house.

Paul says, “Cracks in the heat exchanger allow carbon monoxide to get in to your home. This is a serious and potentially deadly issue that needs immediate attention.”

This is similar to when you go to the dentist in which they perform operations that help prevent gum disease and more.

Requires An Expert For Proper Analysis and Cleanup

Furnace manufacturers all recommend annual safety checks by a qualified technician. They also say that their furnace warranties may not be covered due to improper maintenance. Paul Garrison says, “Doing a Fall Furnace Safety Check isn’t a DIY project. It’s much more than just changing a filter. You need the right tools, including specialized meters and gauges, not to mention experience working on furnaces, plus you need to know what to look for.”

Before cold weather strikes, set up an appointment to have a Fall Furnace Safety Check done by an experienced furnace technician. Allen Service is making an offer you shouldn’t ignore. Their Fall Furnace Safety Check, which includes a carbon monoxide safety check, is only $29. You’ll feel great, and have peace of mind!

Again, having a qualified dentist give a deep analysis of your teeth he can provide adjustments and recommendations similar to an expert furnace technician.

Give us a call today!