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Electrician checking electrical panel
Electrical Panels That May Be Uninsurable for Your Homeowners Insurance

Non-Insurable Electrical Panels in Fort Collins, CO
Allen Service With Everything You Need to Know
If you live in Fort Collins, CO, and have an old electrical panel, then it might be time to upgrade or replace it. Allen Service is your reliable and experienced home electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling, sewer, and drain service provider with over 60 years of experience in Fort Collins. We specialize in non-insurable electric panels and can…

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Electrical equipment. Background and texture
What are the Types of Circuit Breakers?

It’s easy to take your home’s electrical wiring and outlets for granted, but you rely on them for everything from watching TV and browsing the web to cooking food and vacuuming the carpet. If your wiring is configured correctly, you may never give it a second thought. But if your circuit breaker panel is old or outdated, you may have to reset tripped breakers far too frequently. Learn about the different types of circuit breakers and…

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Laying by the fireplace
Choosing a Gas or Electric Furnace

Forced-air central furnaces are the most common home heating systems in the US. The two utility-based fuel options include natural gas and electricity. Propane and oil furnaces are also available, but they’re less popular because they require onsite storage.
Most people know whether they have a gas or electric furnace, but far fewer understand the costs and benefits of each. It pays to learn the differences between gas and electric furnaces…

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Air conditioning outdoor units in the backyard
New Federal Regulations on AC Units

On January 1, 2023, new minimum efficiency standards took effect for air conditioners and heat pumps. The US Department of Energy (DOE) has enacted this change in an ongoing effort to reduce the country’s greenhouse gas emissions. This is the first update to heat pump and AC efficiency standards since 2015. All newly manufactured units must comply with the updated standards, but homeowners are not required to replace existing HVAC equipment.…

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Throwing garbage scraps down the garbage disposal
Top 10 Things to NOT Put in Your Garbage Disposal

It’s easy to assume the garbage disposal can “dispose all,” but this simply isn’t true. To avoid a plumbing disaster, think twice before rinsing your plate in the kitchen sink. Are you unsure which foods are not allowed down the drain? Consider the top 10 things most likely to damage your garbage disposal or clog the drain. Then, discover how to fix a broken garbage disposal and other tips to keep this appliance working…

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Household humidifier at home on table near woman reading on sofa.
Benefits of Home Humidifiers

Indoor air naturally becomes drier during Northern Colorado’s chilly winters. This is because your furnace strips away what little moisture is in the air, making your home feel completely arid. Humidifiers are an effective way to counteract dry indoor air. Any form of humidification helps, but a whole-home humidifier is the most effective option. Learn the many benefits of home humidifiers and what sets them apart from portable units.

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Childproofing outlets
Childproofing Outlets

As your baby grows and becomes more mobile, safety concerns may arise around the house. Everything from table corners to staircases to electrical cords become newfound hazards. As you go about childproofing your home, make sure you address the electrical outlets, which shock and burn about 2,400 children in the US each year. A further six to 12 children die annually from sticking metal objects into electrical sockets.
It’s never too early to…

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Woman drinking tea in cold weather
9 Furnace Installation Facts Every Homeowner Should Know

It’s not every day you install a new furnace. By becoming informed and prepared, you’re more likely to choose the perfect heating system and HVAC accessories for your Colorado home. Brush up on these nine furnace installation facts to help the process go smoothly.

Furnaces Must be Sized Properly
When it comes to selecting a furnace size, bigger isn’t always better. In fact, an oversized furnace leads to uncomfortable temperature…

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first freeze
How to Prepare Your Home for the First Freeze

We’ve had a lovely fall in Northern Colorado, with above-average temperatures perfect for pumpkin patch visits and leaf peeping in the mountains. But fall will soon give way to winter. In fact, the first freeze of the season is expected in Fort Collins within the next couple of weeks. Are you ready? Follow this freeze checklist to prepare your home for cold winter weather.

Seal air leaks: Fall is the perfect time to replace worn-out…

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Snowfall in the woods
How to Prevent Common Plumbing Problems in Cold Weather

Colorado’s fairytale winters are beautiful enough to inspire song lyrics and movie posters. Unfortunately, the cold weather causes another less pleasant side effect—plumbing problems. If you’re new to Fort Collins or want to brush up on preventing winter plumbing issues, simply follow this guide.

Prevent Frozen Pipes
Frozen pipes are common in Colorado, both inside and outside the house. If not thawed quickly, frozen pipes can burst,…

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