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$100 off air filtration system
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Professional Air Purification Services Keep Your Home Safe

If you’re looking into giving your Fort Collins home a detox, be sure to call the air purification experts at Allen Service! Your home should be the ultimate safe place for you and your family. With that being said, every home is susceptible to pollution and other things that bring down your home’s overall air quality. This buildup of toxins will not only make for an uncomfortable living situation, but it can also put your health at risk. With so much time spent indoors, you want to make sure to keep you and your family safe by making the air as pure as possible. We always strive to inform and educate our customers on the hazards of indoor air pollution so they can make informed decisions for their homes. Learn more about how our air purification and air quality tests will benefit you and your family.

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Tested & Approved for Your Safety

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), unhealthy indoor air can trigger the flu, bronchitis, respiratory infections, fevers, and chronic asthma attacks. The air may look fine, but there’s a lot going on that isn’t visible to the naked eye. You won’t have to worry about the condition of your home’s air or the health of your family with assistance from PREMIERone’s™ Germicidal Air Purifier. This system – more accurately known as a millivoltage UV germicidal air purifier with odor control – is highly innovative and perfect for de-detoxifying compromised indoor air.

You can expect to benefit from the following:

  • This Germicidal UVC is the same technology used in hospitals, food processing, and water treatment facilities worldwide
  • The purifier is installed right into your existing heating or cooling system’s ductwork to purify the air that passes through by breaking down organic odor-causing gases
  • This device uses high intensity UVC light to sterilize and even kill viruses and bacteria as they pass by, rendering them harmless and incapable of reproduction
  • PREMIERone’s™ UV air purifiers use the same power as the sun to kill germs and eliminate odor in a natural way
  • The patented odor control system can be easily controlled or adjusted by the homeowner
  • Controls germs, viruses, fungi, odors, and VOCs (volatile organic compound)

We Offer Advanced Solutions When You Need Them Most

As a company serving residents from Fort Collins, Ault, and Bellevue to Johnstown, Loveland, and Wellington, we do all we can to keep homes throughout the region safe. That’s why we only offer our customers the best and most innovative air purification products on the market. PREMIERone™ purifying products are your best bet to disinfecting your home’s indoor air and safeguarding the health of you and your family. Better yet, this straightforward installation process and easy-to-use features make it possible for any homeowner to reap the benefits of clean, breathable indoor air.

Natural Ways to Disinfect & Detoxify Your Fort Collins Home

The truth is, indoor air is around two to five times more polluted than outdoor air. You may be thinking, “how is this possible?” The answer is the various cleaning products and deodorizers we use daily, as well as things like paints, molds, and today’s air-tight homes. Since many of these pollutants occur from simply living our day-to-day lives, it’s hard to eliminate all the pollutants in your home. At Allen Service, we do our best to offer solutions that help remove the often-unavoidable toxin buildup in your home. There are many great options for improving the air quality inside your home. Our favorites are:

Polarized Media Air Cleaners

Our polarized media air cleaners are as convenient as they are effective. This advanced air filter and cleaner can be installed directly into the 1-inch filter racks already present in your existing heating and cooling system. This device provides the best clean at the best price. It captures up to 97% of particles and allergens in the air.


Dual Wavelength Ultraviolet Energy Lights

If you want a highly effective way to destroy viruses, germs, bacteria, and mold growth, as well as control gas odors without the use of harsh chemicals, we have the solution for you! Dual wavelength ultraviolet energy lights, or UVC lamps, use light to clean your home. Just like the sun creates ultraviolet energy to clean the outside air continually, this innovative solution utilizes light to sanitize the air inside your home.

Whole-Home HEPA Filters

When you decide on a whole-home HEPA filter for your home, you can rest easy knowing you invested in one of the finest air cleaners on the market. HEPA filtration has been shown to remove 99.97% of particles in the air of your living space. Whether it be smoke, dust, pollen, or pet dander, none of these air inhibitors stand a chance against this powerful air purification system.

Home Air Purification: Because You Deserve Breathable Air

As a trusted name in the plumbing and HVAC business for nearly six decades, we want to ensure Fort Collins-area homeowners have the solutions they need to obtain safe and breathable indoor air. At Allen Service, we go above and beyond your basic heating and cooling services because we think every homeowner deserves a healthier and more pleasant environment to live in. We’ve built a reputation for quality work, affordable prices, and, most notably, our unrivaled customer care. If you’re interested in detoxifying your home with our air purification solutions, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We look forward to putting the quality back in your home’s air.

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