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At Allen Service We Put Your Needs First

Simply put, we guarantee your satisfaction 100%. Our plumbing, heating and air conditioning technicians and workmanship are fully licensed, bonded and insured. And if you purchase an appliance, fixture or other product from us, it’s protected by a generous, comprehensive warranty as well. If you still aren’t fully satisfied with our work, we’ll cheerfully return and remove our components and offer you a refund.

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A Straightforward Overview of our Service Warranties

Standard Limited Warranty

All materials, fixtures and components provided by us are covered to the full extent allowed by the component manufacturer. All labor performed by Allen Service is guaranteed against defective workmanship for a period of one year from the date of completion. Repairs which include rebuilding and replacement of internal wearable components (faucets, ballcocks, sillcocks and other water valves) are limited to a 30-day warranty. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee allows that should a customer be unhappy with the quality of the work, we will return and rework it within this same year or 30 day period. If within these same periods we are unable to completely satisfy you through reworking the repair or installation we will promptly return and in a single visit refund 100% of the value of all undamaged, recoverable components and labor relating to the original installation.

We Guarantee You’ll Be 100% Satisfied

Service Partner Warranty

Extends the standard labor warranty (normally 1 year) to a full two years. Extends a manufacturers parts warranty (normally 1 year) to a full two years. Provides a two-year No-Lemon Guarantee*. Provides a two-year 100% Satisfaction Guarantee*. A Service Partner Warranty requires a customer to keep an uninterrupted monthly membership as a Service Partner throughout the warranty period. See our Service Partner Plan page for more information.

Two-Year No-Lemon Guarantee*

Should any of these covered components or appliances fail as described within two years we will simply replace the component with a complete new unit free of charge. Covered are: Furnace or boiler heat exchangers, air conditioner and heat pump compressors, and water heater tanks.

Warranties to Cover Our Work on Heating Repairs, Air Conditioner Installations, and Plumbing Maintenance

Two-Year 100% Satisfaction Guarantee*

If we are unable to completely satisfy a customer through reworking the repair or installation we will promptly return and in a single visit refund 100% of the value of all undamaged, recoverable components and labor relating to the original installation.

Drain Stoppage Warranties

There is a 30-day stoppage warranty for all floor drains, floor and mop sinks and yard drains. All other main drains and secondary lines carry a 120-day warranty unless noted otherwise herein or on the invoice and with a maximum of one stoppage re-service. A customer may receive a 1-year main line stoppage warranty if our Supervisor is allowed to inspect and verify the condition of the main drain line with a drain camera.

Exclusions and Limitations

Allen Service reserves the right to perform warranty service during normal business hours and after hours charges may apply. Travel and access fees are not covered nor waived under any warranty or guarantee. A customer may be required to provide identification, original invoice, and proof of monthly plan payment in order to validate a warranty claim. In commercial applications only the Standard Warranty applies. Parts and components replaced will be left with the customer only if requested at time of service.

*For a copy of our complete Warranty including Terms, Limitations, and Disclaimers please see the back of your service invoice or call our service center at 970-484-4841. We’d be happy to provide you with a full copy.

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