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Financing for 60 months with approved credit

Learn About Humidifiers From Allen Service

The HVAC technicians at Allen Service in Fort Collins specialize in installing and servicing residential climate control appliances, including whole-house humidifiers, for a healthier indoor environment. Our company was established in 1962, and our goal is to be the name you know and trust for all of your heating and cooling needs. Our business is highly rated by the Better Business Bureau, and with financing options available (subject to approved credit), we work to make our services convenient for you and your family

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What Is a Humidifier and What Does it Do?

When it comes to moisture levels in the home, most of the focus is on the importance of dehumidifiers to remove excess moisture from the air to minimize mold growth and foul odors. However, drier air can be just as damaging, making air humidifiers an essential addition to any house, especially during the colder months. Humidifiers add monitored levels of humidity to indoor air to prevent dry conditions that cause skin irritation and breathing problems.

Humidifier Benefits for Your Health

Colder temperatures bring drier air, making indoor air during the winter months in our area uncomfortable for many reasons. Without enough moisture in the air, our skin dries out and cracks. The symptoms of common colds and cases of flu are magnified with less moisture in the air too. By having a whole-home humidifier installed, the added moisture during dry times will help alleviate:

  • Dry skin
  • Dry throats
  • Sinus congestion
  • Nose irritation and bloody noses
  • Dry coughs
  • Cracked lips

Humidifier Options for Your Home

Our team of certified technicians can install a whole-house humidifier sized appropriately for your home that will provide the right amount of moisture to the air even during the driest months. This is the most thorough and comprehensive option for homeowners since they work with your HVAC system and can provide moisture in any room with vents connected to the ductwork. They are also safer because they don’t emit steam, so there’s no possibility of getting a burn. There are other options available besides central humidifiers. However, they are not as comprehensive and don’t provide complete coverage since they can only add moisture in one room at a time. These options include:

  • Evaporators
  • Impeller humidifiers
  • Steam vaporizers
  • Ultrasonic humidifiers
  • Cool mist humidifiers
  • Warm mist humidifiers
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Create a Healthier Environment Inside Your Home

Not only will a humidifier benefit your family and guests, but your home will reap the benefits as well. If you have plants that thrive on moisture from the air, they will remain healthy during the winter and continue to add health qualities to indoor air. Other items in your home, such as furniture, wood floors, and wallpaper that can be sensitive to drier conditions, will last longer with the right amount of added humidity in your home. Another benefit of more humid air is that it feels warmer, which could help you save on energy consumption during the winter months too.

Maintenance for Whole-House Humidifiers

Like any heating and cooling appliance, a central humidifier will require annual maintenance to ensure it is running correctly. It also allows us to discover any potential issues before they become costly repairs. When you call us for maintenance, routine servicing usually includes:

  • Changing humidifier filters
  • Checking electrical components
  • Cleaning the unit
  • Running a test cycle to check for proper operation

Comprehensive HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical Services

Our business offers the convenience of finding all of the heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical services you need from one trusted source. We have a dedicated staff of technicians who specialize in each of these areas, enabling us to offer you the best services out of Fort Collins. Contact us for:

Contact Us for an Air Humidifier Installation Estimate

If you want to add an additional layer of comfort to your home in the winter that will also offer health benefits for you and your family, contact Allen Service to learn more about whole-house humidifier installation. Increasing the moisture level in your home when the air is dry minimizes the annoyance of sensitive, cracked skin, scratchy throats, and dry noses. You don’t have to suffer through the winter or go through the hassle of moving portable humidifiers from room to room for comfort. Get in touch with us to learn more today.

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