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$100 Off Any Repair*

*Repair over $500. Restrictions apply. Call for details.

Gas Line Installation & Gas Leak Repairs

You might not think much about the gas lines at your home or business, but you need a trusted professional in the event that anything goes wrong. The team at Allen Services specializes in all things gas lines in Fort Collins, including gas line installation, gas line leak repair, and much more. Never attempt to repair a gas line on your own. An easy way to identify gas leaks is the sulfur-like odor that is added to natural gas. If you notice that smell in an emergency situation, be sure to leave the building and call 911. Once the emergency is over, get in touch with our professional plumbers for gas leak repair. Learn more about our professional gas line services and contact us to request service.

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Gas Line Repair Services

Our comprehensive gas line services include gas line repairs. Gas lines sometimes leak and fail. In this case, turn off your gas and contact emergency services if needed. Our team offers reliable gas line repair services for home and business owners in Fort Collins. We can fix leaking gas lines, replace broken pipe sections, and install new gas lines.

Gas Line Replacement & Installation

You can count on the experienced team at Allen Service for professional gas line replacement and installation services. We always practice safety and use the latest tools and technology to get the job done right while minimizing disruption to your home or business. We can install gas lines for new construction builds or replace damaged gas lines with new ones.

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Gas Line Maintenance Services

Because they are out of sight, gas lines aren’t often thought about unless something goes wrong. Our professional plumbers offer gas line maintenance services to ensure your gas lines are working correctly and keeping you safe. We offer gas line inspections if you suspect anything is wrong or want to have peace of mind. We offer gas line installation or repair services for gas stoves, barbecues, cooktops, water heaters, hot tubs and pool heaters, lanterns, boilers, furnaces, clothes dryers, remodeling projects, and much more.

Gas Line Leaks Signs to Watch Out For

In many cases, you won’t notice that there’s anything wrong with your gas lines unless you know what to watch out for. Be looking, listening, or smelling for these possible signs of a gas leak:

  • Dying Plants & Landscaping – Natural gas that escapes from gas lines can kill vegetation in just one day. If you notice any plants or landscaping that died faster than normal, get in touch with us.
  • Sulfur/Rotten Egg Smell – Natural gas does not have any odor, but gas companies add a chemical to it so people can identify a gas leak. If you smell sulfur or rotten eggs, be sure to contact us.
  • Hissing Noises – A hissing noise inside your home may not be a snake after all. If there’s no obvious source of a hissing sound, check your gas lines immediately. Shut off your gas and get in touch with our team.

Schedule Gas Line Services Today

The team at Allen Services does it all when it comes to gas lines. We can perform gas line augmentation if you are converting from a traditional water heater to a tankless water heater. Our licensed and insured plumbers will take all the safety precautions necessary when working with gas lines. We offer comprehensive plumbing services, along with heating, cooling, and sewer and drain services. Our team offers financing (subject to approved credit) and coupons, so contact us today to request service.

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