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Deciding on the right water heater for your home involves several comparable factors. The cost of the unit is one of the first questions a buyer will request to have answered. Price is important, but only one thing to research. Choosing the right water heater involves comparing unit size, recovery rate, and energy efficiency in addition to price. You may discover that a larger cost upfront will reduce energy expenses for the life of the unit.


The size of storage and heat pump water heaters with a tank are classified by how much water (in gallons) they hold. The number of people using the water heater changes the size needed. Residential water heaters are smaller because fewer people use them at the same time.

Recent regulation upgrades have increased the size of water heaters. This water heater change may mean a tankless option a less expensive choice for your utility space if you have a tight space. Construction costs in addition to installation costs can add up.


Do you have several people who need to shower at the same time? The answer will change your option for the best water heater. You will want to consider recovery rate. The HTRC explains “The recovery rate explains how many gallons of water a unit can heat in one hour. The greater the demand for water, the higher recovery rate is needed. You could use this generic number or calculate it out. BTU (if watts – Watts x 3.413) times recovery efficiency (see AHRI screenshot below) = pounds of water heated 1 degree. Take this & divide by 8.33 (pounds per gallon of water) & then divide by the temperature rise required.”


Choosing the best water heater for your home includes considering energy efficiency. You can determine a water heater’s energy efficiency by looking at the EnergyGuide label.

Energy Star Ratings:

  • Help reduce household utility costs
  • Reveal how efficiently a unit consistently runs
  • Are environmentally friendly
  • Qualify for Tax Credits

Contact Allen Service if you live in the Loveland Colorado area. Our business is ready to help you find the best water heater for your home. We are licensed and able to repair or install your water heater. Call us today for same day service.


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