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Do you want to get the most out of your home heating or cooling system, Fort Collins residents? Consider upgrading your thermostat! Thermostats on the market today are Wi-Fi enabled, and some are even capable of tracking the weather in your area to adjust accordingly. These are the major benefits of a smart thermostat:Energy savings: Smart thermostats can be adjusted throughout the day so an empty home isn’t being cooled for no reason when no one is there to enjoy the cool home. This will save money on monthly cooling costs.

Maximized comfort: You can set your thermostat to reflect your schedule. With older thermostats, you could raise the temperature when you left home to save money by not cooling an empty house, and you’d have to drop the temperature when you got home and wait for it to cool down. A smart thermostat can be set to start cooling the house before you arrive home, so you come home to a comfortable house.

Flexibility: With Wi-Fi capable thermostats, you can access the settings from your smartphone or tablet. If you are on vacation or the weather suddenly changes, you’ll be able to access your thermostat and change the settings accordingly. This also enables you to monitor if your children are changing the temperature in your home when you are not there.

Allen Service has thermostats and controls to fit your needs and maximize your home comfort. Contact us today to learn more, or with any questions you have about wi-fi enabled thermostats or your home energy efficiency in Fort Collins!