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Fort Collins Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling Reviews

We have serviced the plumbing, heating and cooling needs of Fort Collins, Loveland, and Windsor for over 60 years. See reviews from some of our satisfied customers.

Customer Reviews

Talk about a top-notch outfit! We’ve got a second home in Fort Collins that we’re becoming familiar with as the months go by. The furnace was not working properly last Friday; called a different number that boasted 24/7 response, left a message and have not yet (five days later) heard back from them; called Allen Service on Monday – responsive and caring service on the phone (yes! she felt bad that there was no heat all weekend!). She arranged for a technician (Chance G) to come out same day – he was a true professional – checked out both furnace (and water heater at my request) – provided me a broad set of options for both. Fixed the furnace and changed out the water heater two days later. I’m super impressed – I signed up for their service plan and will use this company for all of our plumbing, heating and air needs. Thank you for being a standout company every step of the way!

Laura E. — Fort Collins

Brian Robb from Allen Service did a phenomenal job for our home/family today! We had a pipe freeze and burst and he was able to immediately troubleshoot the issue, and actually uncovered some lurking secrets within the walls of the home nearby that pipe (a vent that had been misdirected by previous furnace installers that caused the pipe to burst, along with a host of other issues). Because of his adept, kind, professional service, we realized the severity of our home problem and reached out to our home insurance. He even gave me an extra 30 mins at the end, sitting patiently at my kitchen table with me, to write down the names of the broken pipes/valves and make sure we were adequately prepared to discuss the issues with insurance… some of which aren’t even in his department to repair, so he wasn’t gaining anything personally from the exchange. I’m so thankful that our home is safer because of him, and we have a roadmap of where to go next with this crazy mess in our basement. We also appreciated his direct nature, that he wasn’t trying to push sales on us. Highly recommend Allen Service, including our plumber Brian Robb. Forgot to mention that he also checked (for free!) all the plumbing in our entire home, pointing out simple DIY fixes (repair the rusted bolt on that toilet, don’t put lemon peels down your disposal, it’s a cheap one…) With thanks!

Suzanne R. — Fort Collins

Allen Service always makes you feel important to them and the problem gets fixed ASAP. Every time I call, I get the pleasure of being re-impressed.

Danna B. — Fort Collins

The most impressive thing about your technician was his great attitude. He was friendly and efficient as well as knowledgeable. He provided the kind of customer service that is fast disappearing in a business today. It is a credit to your organization to have such a dedicated and caring individual in your employ.

Jane S. — Fort Collins

Your level of service has restored my faith that there are still a few businesses that will go the extra mile to serve their customers. I assure you that with employees like yours, Allen Service will never want for customers.

Linda E. — Laporte

I was very impressed with the professionalism and politeness of your staff, from placing the booties over their work shoes to the cleanup afterwards. You’ll have my business from now on.

George F. — Fort Collins

In an era when some businesses forget that good service to the customer is of paramount importance, your company obviously continues to make it a top priority. We appreciate it very much.

Dr. Steven T. — Fort Collins

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