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Up to $2,500 on your new HVAC System, and get a free humidifier

Plus, up to 12 months 0% APR financing available with approved credit. Additional discount available for first responders and military.

Cannot combine with other offers. Limited time only, ask dealer for more details.

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Purchase a New Furnace In Fort Collins

Allen Service has helped homeowners select and install new furnaces in their homes for over 60 years. Our technicians understand heating installation. A new energy-efficient heater will warm your home while lowering your monthly bills in the process. So, if you’re experiencing any problems with your furnace, call us today. We can assess the situation and make a recommendation.

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When It Is Time To Replace Your Furnace

Should you repair or replace your furnace? That question plagues many homeowners. But fortunately, we answer it honestly. If we feel we can improve your unit, then we will never push an unnecessary replacement on your family. However, several factors require a new unit. It is important to understand that furnaces have a shelf life. Typically, with regular maintenance, a furnace can last 15 to 20 years. If yours is in that range, it is time to replace it. But there are other signs of furnace failure:

  • Rising Energy Bills: Let’s say your typical winter gas or electric bill is $100. That bill includes your furnace and everything powered by gas or electricity. If the bill suddenly skyrockets to $150 or $200, then an inefficient, aging, or broken furnace could be to blame. Some fluctuation in monthly bills are normal, but not to that extent.
  • Uneven Heating: You’re comfortable and toasty reading a book in your living room, but you want to put on a pair of socks. So you walk to the bedroom. Does it seem noticeably colder in there than in the living room? Furnaces should heat all rooms equally, with little to no variances. Cold spots are a tell-tale sign of a failing furnace.
  • Noisiness: Is your furnace waking you up with banging and clanking sounds? It shouldn’t be. No furnace will ever be completely silent, but you should never hear unusual noises such as rattles, buzzes, or hums. All of these noises indicate problems, such as loose parts or broken equipment.
  • Unusual Smells: If you have a gas furnace, you might smell some gas as the furnace kicks in, but the smell should not persist. If it does, you need to contact Allen Service immediately. There could be a gas leak or some other less significant problem.
  • Frequent Repairs: Manufacturers design furnaces with the long-haul in mind. In other words, you shouldn’t have to call Allen Service for frequent repairs to your furnace. Usually, as a system ages, things begin to break. Furnace repairs can be expensive, so there comes the point where it makes more financial sense to purchase a new unit.
furnace maintenance

Financing For New Furnaces

Allen Service offers financing to families and individuals who cannot afford their furnace’s full purchase price. We have several options available, including one that does not include a credit check. We’ll work with you to help you finance the expense of your new furnace.

Contact Allen Service for Furnace Replacement Today

We work quickly and efficiently because we believe in 100% customer satisfaction. Our team members understand time is usually a factor with furnace replacements, so we want to deliver warmth to your home during the coldest winter nights. If you are experiencing any of the above furnace failure symptoms, do not hesitate to contact our experts. We can help.

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