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*Repair over $500. Restrictions apply. Call for details.

Get a Better Look at Your Home’s Pipeline

Gone are the days when digging for weak points in your home’s pipeline was a matter of educated guesswork. Today, it just takes a phone call to request a video pipeline inspection or CCTC pipeline inspection. The only thing you must ensure is that the company you call has enough experience and good enough equipment to do a thorough job. At Allen Service, we make use of state-of-the-art video equipment to give you quality service.

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What Is a Video Pipeline Inspection?

A video pipeline inspection, also called a sewer scope, enables us to check the condition of your sewer line in areas otherwise inaccessible. We use a camera attached to a strong cable to feed into the sewer line. The feed is recorded, and we watch out for specific issues:

sink drain

If you have large trees in your yard, the roots beneath the ground can grow long and deep. Roots are inherently invasive of sewer lines underground. Sewer lines also carry water, which roots naturally seek out. Because of this, roots can invade your sewer lines. We look for roots that have invaded the sewer lines, causing cracks and leaks.


We inspect the joints in your sewer line for cracks and breaks.


While sometimes a person can confuse a joint for a break, actual breaks are quite apparent. These jagged pools of mud and debris cause problems for your sewer line. We identify where they are so we can correct them.


A belly, or a small dip in the sewer line, is natural. We keep an eye on them to make sure your sewer line is always running efficiently.

Benefits of Video Camera Inspection

There are many benefits of using a video camera for inspections of your sewer line.


  • Prevents future problems
  • Gives us an in-depth look at your sewer line
  • Is noninvasive and doesn’t tear up your property
  • Finds problems before they become expensive issues
  • Allows us to pinpoint areas of problems
  • Time- and cost-effective

Why Choose Us?

Most people think of video sewer inspection only when they have clogged drains that cannot be fixed by a drain auger, drain cleaner, or plunger. What they do not realize is that there is a need for inspection even when renovating/adding a bathroom or kitchen to the house. You must get an idea of whether your sewer line can actually handle the increased amount of waste when you make the modifications to your home. Our expert technicians can give you valuable suggestions about your pipelines so that you do not end up with problems in the future.

Contact Us Today

Using our five decades of experience in drain repair and cleaning, we will efficiently inspect all the pipes that lead to your house’s sewer lines. The self-righting and auto-focusing cameras attached to our drain inspection lines can detect the problems in just a single trip. Our equipment is fitted with powerful lights and has high-resolution recording capabilities. Most importantly, we make use of cameras that have transmitters in them, which let us locate the exact block points. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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