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Today, homeowners are doing everything to conserve energy by making their homes more energy efficient. Energy efficiency is not only ideal for the environment but will also save you money in the long run.

Even the Department of Energy has developed an energy score rating system. This system reflects on the energy efficiency of your home based on the structure of your home, the heating, cooling, and hot water systems. Here’s how to increase the energy efficiency of your home:

Install a Programmable Thermostat

With the advances in technology, we now have programmable thermostats that allow you to adjust the temperature. Lowering the temperature during winter when you’re asleep or away from home and increasing it during the summer when away from home can help you use less energy, according to the US Department of Energy.

Unplug the Electronics When Not In Use

The Department of Energy refers to the cellphones and battery chargers as energy vampires. An average charger will consume 0.62 watts when not in use and 2.24 watts when you connect it to your phone.

While a single charger may not make a significant difference in the energy consumption, consider the number of chargers or electronics you have connected to the socket at any given time. The chances are high that these energy vampires are responsible for a tenth of your energy bill.

Improve Insulation in Your Home

During the winter, a home with poor insulation lets out lots of heat. You’ve gone to great lengths to install a heating system in your home, but most of the heated air escapes. Insulation and air sealing technics can help make your home more energy efficient.

Invest in Energy Efficiency Appliances

Probably, most of your appliances are not energy efficient. Discarding them and buying new ones would be uneconomical. Therefore, it’s vital that you look for ways to make your existing appliances more energy efficient.

If it’s the fridge, be sure to keep it tightly closed. You can also adjust the temperature accordingly. Also, make sure any of your subsequent appliances are Energy Star Certified products that have been proven to be high energy efficient.

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