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When it comes to taking care of your heating and cooling system, the number one tip you can follow is to have regular preventative maintenance performed on it. You’ll want to have it serviced at least twice a year — once after you quit using the heater and once after you quit using the air conditioner; this helps ensure both units will be fully functional for the upcoming seasons. In addition, there are also several common air conditioner issues that you will want to keep an eye out for. By being able to spot these issues early on, you may be able to have them fixed before they become a costly problem. Let’s take a look at the five most common AC issues:

1. You Forgot to Change the Air Filter

When you forget to change the air filter, this causes your AC unit to run inefficiently. This can boost your utility bill and it can ultimately lead to damage on your AC unit. The manufacturer of the unit will provide a recommendation as to how often the filter needs to be changed. You need to make sure you follow this recommendation. You also need to take into account any pets in the home. If you have pets in the home that shed a lot, you will likely need to change the filter more frequently than the manufacturer’s recommendation.

2. Blown Breakers and Fuses

You might think your AC unit is broke when actually all that’s wrong is the breaker or fuse is blown. Before you set out to buy a new unit, make sure to check the breakers and fuses.

3.Clogged Drain Line

Just the same as the filter can become clogged, so can the drain line on the AC unit. And if it doesn’t, this is going to cause the drain pan to overflow, which can lead to a lot of damage. To keep the drain line from becoming clogged, make sure to clean it regularly.

4. Broken Thermostat

If the thermostat is broken, the AC unit won’t be able to function properly. If it’s off, this will cause the AC unit to shut down. So, once again, before you assume the AC unit is broken, make sure to check the thermostat.

5. Refrigerant Leak

If there is a leak in the coolant compartment, the AC unit can’t operate to its full potential. By having the leak pinpointed and fixed, you can easily get the unit back to working like it should be.

If you are having issues with your AC unit, please contact Allen Service today. We are here to meet any and all of your heating and cooling needs.

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