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The plumber working with pipeline in kitchen at Fort Collins, CO

How Do You Know if Your Drain is Clogged?

What are the signs of a clogged drain? You may suspect something is wrong with your plumbing, but you aren’t sure what it is. Whether you’re dealing with strange noises, smells, or changes in water pressure, it’s important to know what signs to watch out for when you suspect your drain is clogged.

At Allen Service in Fort Collins, we have seen and dealt with it all when it comes to clogged drains. With more than five decades of experience in heating, cooling, and plumbing, we can find a solution to your problem promptly and affordably. In the meantime, there’s nothing wrong with learning what to look out for. Watch out for these 10 signs you need drain cleaning services:

Slow Sink Drains

Are you annoyed that your sink fills with water when you wash your hands or brush your teeth? Soap bubbles gather around the stopper and leave an unsightly film that can be difficult to clean. This scenario is more than just a mild annoyance—it’s a sign that your drain is clogged.

If only one sink is slow, the blockage is probably relatively close to the surface. You may be able to clear it yourself without too much difficulty. However, if multiple sinks start draining slowly all at once, the blockage is probably somewhere in the sewer line, which is more difficult to reach. Often time years of that buildup clog and corrode pipes much further down than you might expect. Those situations need professional intervention!

Backed-Up Plumbing Fixtures

Have you ever watched in horror as muddy water backed up into your tub? If the kitchen sink backs up while the dishwasher is running, try pulsing the garbage disposal to clear food debris from the shared drain.

However, if that doesn’t work, you could have a serious plumbing problem that requires immediate attention. Ignoring backed-up fixtures could expose your family to toxic sewage or lead to a hazardous and damaging mess when fixtures overflow.

Sewage Smells

When you enter your home, you want to be greeted by a fresh, clean scent. If sewage odors overpower your senses instead, work as quickly as possible to discover and remedy the source of the smell.

If the odor is coming from a sink you haven’t used in months, try running a little water. A dried-out P-trap might be to blame, and this quick fix should remedy the harmless problem. If the stench lingers, you might have a disconnected pipe, which demands immediate attention.

Musty Drains

Sewage isn’t the only source of unpleasant plumbing odors. A musty, moldy smell coming from your sink or bathtub could spell trouble. Consider that mold needs moisture and a food source to grow. Stagnant water and bacteria rich environments grow yucky things that love the climate in your drains. Therefore, a drain clogged with hair, soap scrum, grease, and other organic materials creates the prime breeding ground. You’ll need a plumber’s help to clean the drain and eliminate the odor.

Pests in the Pipes

Do you keep finding insects or small rodents in your kitchen sink? Don’t rush to call the exterminator just yet—instead, explore the possibility of a drain issue. Other larger animals like rodents may use drainpipes as a passageway through toilets or broken pipes. Only an experienced plumber can identify openings in your pipes and seal them up.

High Water Bills

It’s normal for water bills to fluctuate, but a drastic increase one month should catch your attention. You could have a plumbing leak, which is just as detrimental as a clog. Leaks aren’t always easy to find. They may be hidden underground or behind your walls. If you can’t find any leaks yourself, contact a plumber for help. Get your drains cleaned while you’re at it to ensure a free-flowing plumbing system.

Standing Water

Do you notice water around your laundry machine or dishwasher? Don’t assume the problem lies with the appliance, especially if you also find standing water around a basement floor drain. A sink or shower with standing water or water around the base of a toilet, also indicates a severe clog. Call a plumber right away to clear the pipes and get your water flowing again.

Gurgling Sounds or Air Bubbles

Place your ear near the sink drain after you turn off the water. Does it make any gurgling sounds or other unusual noises? Then, keep an eye on the toilet as you turn on the faucet. Do air bubbles rise from the water? Don’t ignore disconcerting noises or air bubbles because the problem will only get worse until you schedule drain cleaning services. Air bubbles from your toilet indicate that your sewer is currently clogged. The water holding in the pipes may be slowly draining down or sometime even be leaking into the surrounding soil. Schedule a mainline cleaning right away.

Frequent Clogging or Overflowing Toilets

The occasional clog is nothing to worry about. However, if the toilet clogs easily or even overflows without good reason, something is probably lodged in the drain line. Everything from your child’s action figure to a wad of paper towels to intrusive tree roots could be to blame. No matter the case, a plumber is best equipped to eliminate the clog.

Unsuccessful Attempts to Clear the Drain Yourself

It’s often possible to clear minor clogs with DIY drain cleaning. Still, we recommend using a plunger or a plumbing auger rather than harsh chemical cleaners. If your attempts to clear the drain prove unsuccessful, the clog is probably extensive or located further down the pipe where you can’t reach it. You’ll need a plumber’s help to get the job done.

Schedule Drain Cleaning with Allen Service

To clear your drains once and for all, call the professionals at Allen Service. We’ll perform a sewer camera inspection to locate the clog and get to work clearing it out with motorized augers, high-pressure water jets, or bio-cleaners. We offer $100 off drain cleaning any drain any time. If your sewer backs up within a year, we’ll open it again for free! Call us today at 970-484-4841 or contact us online to request drain cleaning services in Fort Collins or Boulder, CO.