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Your sewer is one part of your home that you might take for granted, but you certainly hope doesn’t have any issues. No one wants to deal with sewer problems, so keeping it well maintained is important so it continues to do its job without any serious issues developing. There are some things you can do to help prevent your sewer from backing up or overflowing.There are two main causes of sewer problems and those are grease and roots. Grease is the most common culprit and is caused by our own behavior. Many of us pour oil or cooking grease down the drains. Even if you follow that oil with hot water, it still ends up building up and clogging sewer lines.Avoid pouring grease down the drain or putting it into toilets. Scrape the grease off of dishes and pots and pans and then place it in the trash. Use a basket or strainer in your sink drain to catch solid grease and then place it in the trash.

Mother nature also plays a role in causing sewer lines to overflow or back up in the form of the roots of trees and plants. Those roots seek water sources and take advantage of any openings they can find. Roots can penetrate a sewer line and block it.

You can take steps to help prevent roots from impacting your sewer lines by making sure you don’t plant any trees or shrubs too close to the sewer service line or your home’s cleanouts. If these are already growing near the line be sure to watch out for a reduction in water flow down the drain and contact a plumber if you suspect it’s blocked.

Allen Service specializes in drain cleaning. If you’re experiencing any sewer issues, contact us today.