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Common Water Heater Issues and What Might Be Wrong

You depend on your home’s water heater each and every day, so you wouldn’t want to be without it. It’s also one of the hardest working appliances in your home and is used for bathing, doing dishes, washing your hands, and much more. Knowing some of the signs of common water heater issues could help prevent them from getting too serious so you don’t need to pay for a brand new water heater.
No Hot Water
There’s perhaps no worse way to…

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Can Furnace Filters Be Reused?

Furnaces are great in the winter, but you have to maintain them properly to keep them functioning optimally. But how often do you need to change your furnace filter? And is it ever okay to reuse your old furnace filter?

A dirty furnace filter can cause lots of problems in your home. If it’s just a little bit dirty, it won’t filter out contaminants as well and your indoor air quality will suffer. It may also cost more to heat your home…

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The Importance of Regular Maintenance on Your HVAC System

Most mechanical systems need regular maintenance, and your homes heating and air conditioning system is no different. Many homeowners avoid this maintenance because they don’t realize it needs to be done until something breaks down, or they’re trying to save money and consider the service to be unnecessary. Check out these reasons why it’s important to have your HVAC system maintained.
Fewer Repairs
If you don’t have routine HVAC…

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The Cost of Keeping an Old Heating & Cooling System

At one point or another as a homeowner, you’ll be faced with the decision of whether to replace your old heating and cooling system or stick with it for a while longer. One of the main reasons people choose not to replace their system is because of financial reasons. They are under the impression that they’ll save money and that their system may be able to run effectively for many more years.
To Repair Or Replace
This may seem like a great…

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The Right Water Heater for Your Loveland Home

Deciding on the right water heater for your home involves several comparable factors. The cost of the unit is one of the first questions a buyer will request to have answered. Price is important, but only one thing to research. Choosing the right water heater involves comparing unit size, recovery rate, and energy efficiency in addition to price. You may discover that a larger cost upfront will reduce energy expenses for the life of the…

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What Do Annual Furnace Safety Checks and Teeth Cleanings Have in Common?

Fall is a great time of year for outdoor family fun including apple picking, hay rides and taking hikes in mountains to view the splendor of the fall colors. But, as the cold of winter approaches, our thoughts turn to indoor activities and our old friend, the furnace.Your furnace has been sitting idle all summer long. Is it ready for another harsh Colorado winter? There’s only one way to find out. Have it checked by a professional furnace…

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Adding a Smart Thermostat into Your Fort Collins Home

Do you want to get the most out of your home heating or cooling system, Fort Collins residents? Consider upgrading your thermostat! Thermostats on the market today are Wi-Fi enabled, and some are even capable of tracking the weather in your area to adjust accordingly. These are the major benefits of a smart thermostat:

Energy savings: Smart thermostats can be adjusted throughout the day so an empty home isn’t being cooled for no reason when…

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Have a High-Efficiency Furnace in Fort Collins Today

If the furnace in your CO home is less than three years old it is most likely a high-efficiency model. If your system older, though, you can follow some simple steps that will make it perform very efficiently:

Clean or replace your air filters regularly. If your filters are blocked by dirt and debris your system will work harder to push air through them, causing more wear on your unit and costing you more money. In addition, this will…

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Dependable Plumbing Service in Fort Collins

Allen Service has been named a leader in Fort Collins plumbing service options because of the broad range of services we offer. We provide help with sinks, faucets, bathtubs and showers, toilets, garbage disposals, traditional and tankless water heaters, water filtration systems, video inspections, drain cleaning, water lines and main sewer lines, “no dig” trenchless technology, lift stations, pressure regulator valve (PRV) inspections,…

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If You Rooter Your Sewer Main Line Once a Year, Stop and Read This…

Manager for Allen Service says you shouldn’t have to rooter your main line ever…”there are only two reasons to rooter your main line. One, you flushed something that shouldn’t have been flushed. The other is that you have a problem…”

Mike Ducett manages the Plumbing and Drains departments for Allen Service. He has years of experience with all things plumbing including refurbishing or replacing sewer main lines. Mike says “There…

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