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Manager for Allen Service says you shouldn’t have to rooter your main line ever…”there are only two reasons to rooter your main line. One, you flushed something that shouldn’t have been flushed. The other is that you have a problem…”

Mike Ducett manages the Plumbing and Drains departments for Allen Service. He has years of experience with all things plumbing including refurbishing or replacing sewer main lines. Mike says “There are so many people that just plan to spend money to have their main line cleared once and sometimes twice a year. If they knew of their options available to permanently repair their main line, it would save them so much money in the long run.”

“Unfortunately, people wait until they are standing in a basement of backed up sewage before they call to have their lines checked. By this time it’s too late to save all the items damaged by the flood. Not to mention the inconvenience of taking time off, replacing carpet, the odors…it’s a real mess.”

Technology has come a long way over the years and one advancement is being able to send a backlit, high definition camera down your main sewer line to inspect the condition of the pipe and what causes you problems each year. Just like any other new technology, the equipment is very expensive and requires special training to operate.

Mike has several of these cameras that can give you a look inside your system. Plus his guys have gone through the hours of training and have even more hours of experience on the job inspecting main lines here in our area.

When talking about his technicians and supervisors, Mike had this to say,“ They understand our local soil conditions, the most common types of piping used in the original installation and the most common failure points in those systems. My guys really are the best around.”

A sewer is one of the most important functioning systems in a home. If the lights go out, it’s dark. If the AC stops, it’s hot. But if your main line backs up and you have sewage coming into your home, you have a real emergency on your hands.

Allen Service is dedicated to serving their customers in Northern Colorado and Mike is willing to do something about this problem that they might not be aware of. “We usually charge up to $259 to camera and inspect a main line, and that’s usually after someone has had a major back up. If you clear your main line at least once a year, I would be willing to have one of my supervisors come out and camera and inspect your line for only $49.”

Whether you have roots growing into the pipe, a belly or misalignment in the line caused by settling soils, or a partial piping collapse, it’s only a matter of time before the drain line completely fails, with few options but to dig up the whole problem and fix it. Allen Service wants to get ahead of that issue and is willing to give you an assessment of how bad the problem is long before a total failure occurs.

Again, if you’re having a problem and didn’t flush something down that shouldn’t have been flushed, you do have a problem.

With non-invasive replacement options available Mike and his team can give you all the information and options you need to make an informed decision now. Call today to schedule your inspection…