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Using less water is a great idea for a number of reasons. First of all, there are plenty of easy ways to use less water in your home, so making these changes are fairly simple. Second, using less water means spending less money every month on your water bill. Finally, using less water is simply good for the environment. Doing your part to help conserve water feels good, and your wallet will thank you as well!Here are a few easy ways to use less water in your home:

1. Check for leaks

If you have ever noticed your water bill creep up but haven’t noticed a change in your water usage, that probably means you have some leak that’s driving up your meter. One of the most common culprits is the toilet. The easiest way to check to see if your toilet is leaking is to mark the water level in pencil on the inside of a tank after the toilet has flushed. Check back in a little bit and see if the water level is still at the same mark.

2. Turn off when not in use

When you’re getting ready for your day in the mornings, it’s easy to leave a faucet running while you multitask. On average, bathroom faucets use about two gallons of water every minute, so make sure you turn off the tap and save water.

3. Update your appliances

Updating old fixtures can have a dramatic improvement on your water bill. Switching to a front-loading washer can save an enormous amount of money, while downsizing your dishwasher can also save water. If you really are looking for easy ways to use less water in your home, look to the toilet. On average, they account for 30% of a home’s average water use. Older toilets used much more water than new models, so consider an upgrade.

4. Bathing habits

Most people know that a shower uses less water than a bath. On average, you can save 20 gallons of water just by showering instead of taking a bath. You could also consider showering every other day. A 10-minute shower will use 50 gallons of water, so halving how often you shower can save a lot of water.If you are looking for easy ways to use less water in your home, contact the team at Allen Service. Our professionals can examine your home and look for ways to save you money on your water bill. If you have identified a leak in any of your appliances or have noticed your water bill going up, it’s time to contact Allen Service!Water drop image in Fort Collins, CO