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Young Kid Washing Hands in Tap

If you own a home, you will eventually have to deal with some plumbing problems. Some of these you can handle on your own but some may require professional help.

Let’s take a look at some common plumbing issues.

Slow Drains

If a sink drains slowly, that usually means there’s a clog down the pipe. If it’s the kitchen drain, perhaps someone put too much food, fat, oil or grease in the sink. All this material should go into the trash. A tub drain is most often clogged by hair, so make sure to have a drain strainer installed so you can put the hair into the trash. Sometimes a bathroom sink can be clogged by facial hair washed down the sink after shaving. This material should be wiped out of the sink whenever possible. To clear the clog, try a small plunger, or an auger/snake tool to try to fish out the hair. If these methods don’t work you may need to call a professional. If there are slow drains throughout your house, that indicates a problem with the line out to the sewer or your septic tank. You don’t want a sewage backup so call for help.

Leaky Pipes

If ignored, a leaky pipe can cause serious damage to the structure of your house. This can include rotten wood and the growth of dangerous mold. Old pipes are more likely to develop leaks. This not just for the obvious reason or wear and tear over the years, but also because newer pipes tend to be made of plastic, which is resilient and flexible, while older pipes are often made of copper, which doesn’t handle extreme temperatures as well, or clay, which is more brittle than plastic.

Low Water Pressure

Does one of your faucets or showers have weak water pressure? This can not only be unpleasant. It could indicate a pipe is leaking somewhere. If the water pressure is low throughout your home, there may be a problem with the main water line to your home.

Clogged Toilet

Everyone has had to deal with a clogged toilet at some point. Sometimes a second or third flush will solve the problem, but often a plunger is needed. Another solution is to carefully dump a bucket of water into the toilet bowl so the pressure of the water will push the clog. If this problem occurs often in a toilet, you could try a chemical pipe cleaner such as Drano or Liquid Plumr. If none of these methods help you may need to call a professional.

If you’re dealing with plumbing issues, call Allen Service. We’ve been servicing Fort Collins homes for over five decades. Owners and brothers, Mike and Jeff Allen are the third generation of the Allen family to run the business. They carry out the tradition of delivering excellent customer service and high-quality parts for all plumbing, heating, and air conditioning projects to your home. When you work with Allen Service, you are working with the best!