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Temperatures in Colorado are known for their winter extremes, but not usually for the high-temperature ranges, particularly in this time of the year. Most residents and those who visit Colorado in the winter for the skiing and other winter sports are hoping to spend the Thanksgiving Day holiday weekend on the slopes. The year of 2016 though has recorded a series of high temperatures that make snow and skiing less likely in the next few days, at least. Because of the temperature levels, this might be a good time for Fort Collins HVAC installation in preparation for future temperature extremes which may occur.

Since an HVAC system is used in both temperature extremes, the homeowner who has one installed will use it during the hot summer months to provide cooled indoor air. In the winter, heating is the purpose of the system. A top quality system will last for many years, particularly if the owner maintains a regular schedule for cleaning, repair and maintenance work.

The interim before winter starts in full force in the area is a good time to clean and tune-up existing systems. For homeowners and business owners who already have a system in place, it may be a good time to upgrade or replace aging systems.

The service technicians have the knowledge and experience which helps the home or business owner to determine the appropriate size and footprint of the HVAC system. The technology is constantly changing and improving so that energy usage is reduced, without giving up the comfort of cooled or heated air indoors. The technician will help to design and install a system that takes the lifestyle, preferences and budget constraints of the customer into consideration.

Some of the concepts which help to reduce the cost of cooling or heating the home include zones in the residence and programmable thermostats. Zones offer separate rooms or areas of the home which require different temperature levels. For example, the bedrooms may be a little cooler than the living room. Programmable thermostats can adjust the temperature to use less heating or cooling when there is no one at home.

SmartHome technology can incorporate many of these features into the heating and cooling systems. The sensors in the home can ensure that the temperature is adjusted so that the homeowner will walk into a comfortable residence, regardless of whether the weather outside is freezing or sweltering.

Today’s technology also takes the health of the inhabitants into consideration when designing and installing an HVAC system. Filters remove the organisms and particulates from the indoor air. This is particularly helpful for households where one or more of the members suffer from allergies, asthma or other respiratory problems.

Clean and healthy indoor air that is temperature controlled is a welcome environment for any household. The technicians at the HVAC firm have the knowledge and experience to suggest new or upgraded systems which will fit the lifestyle and preferences of household members. Installation is handled with the same degree of care, comfort and courtesy to the homeowners.