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$100 off cooling repair over $500
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Keep Your Home Cool with Help from Allen Service

Are you looking to keep your home cool during those hot summer months? Traditionally, central air, window air conditioners, or AC units were the primary way to keep your home comfortable. If you’re looking for an energy and cost-effective cooling method that provides fresh air, we recommend whole house fans. Allen Service is Fort Collins, CO’s leading expert in whole house fans. Our team has over 60 years of experience providing unrivaled customer service. Keeping your home cool is our specialty. Schedule an appointment today to learn more about the benefits of whole house fans.

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What is a Whole House Fan?

Whole house fans are installed in the upper levels of your home, such as an attic. Once installed, they draw in fresh cool air with a motorized fan while pushing out warm stale air through your attic vents. Not only can they cool your entire home, but they can ensure your attic is properly ventilated. On average, they provide 15-23 air changes per hour. The air-change rate depends on your home’s climate and how much you depend on whole house fans for cooling. When used with your A/C unit, whole house fans provide fresh cool air that helps keep energy costs low without sacrificing comfort.

How to Use a Whole House Fan

Whole house fan installation is a complicated process that professionals should handle. Our team will take measurements of your attic and install new dedicated wiring and if needed, attic vents. When finished, you’ll have a colling method that can be activated by simply opening a vent cover. Swapping between your new fan and air conditioning couldn’t be easier. Close the cover to your fan and turn on your air conditioning unit, and do the opposite to use your whole house fan. The whole house fan supplements your standard air conditioning unit to help keep your house cool and energy efficient. Unlike other cooling options, whole house fans will provide homes with years of maintenance-free cooling while being almost entirely silent.

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Discover the Benefits of Whole House Fan Installation

Modern home design focuses on energy efficiency by ensuring your home is as airtight as possible. As a result, the air in your home can feel stale and sluggish. A lack of constant air flow causes odors to linger. Investing in a whole house fan ensures your home constantly receives fresh air, which can quickly cool your home within minutes. Further, whole home fans are cost-effective. Our professionals can install your new fan affordably, and the cost of running these fans is minimal. Take a look at these additional benefits of installing a whole house fan:

  • Instantly Cool Your Home – When you first activate your whole house fan, you’ll notice your home drop 5-10 degrees within seconds.
  • Save On Your Energy Bill – Homeowners who invest in whole house fans save an average of 50-90% on their energy bill.
  • Remove Airborne Annoyances – The airflow throughout your home will remove foul odors, pet dander, smoke, and germs.
  • Extend the Life of Your AC – Relying on a whole house fan reduces the amount of time your A/C works, which increases its life span while reducing the need for constant maintenance.
  • Keep Your Attic Cool – Whole house fans also keep your attic cool and comfortable. This help keeps both your home and attic properly ventilated and comfortable.

Differences Between Attic Fans, AC, and Whole House Fans

While attic fans, air conditioning units, and whole house fans all work to cool your home, there are differences between them. Attic fans are designed to run on warm sunny days to remove heated air from your attic. These fans only ventilate your attic and have minimal impact on your home. A/C units provide cooled air throughout the ductwork in your home. The air is cooled through compressors and circulated through your home. Whole house fans funnel cool air throughout your home with a quiet motor while pushing out warm stale air. They help circulate fresh, clean air and eliminate odors while keeping your home comfortable. One significant difference is that air conditioners aren’t dependent on outside temperatures like whole house fans. We recommend using your new whole house fan as a supplement to your A/C unit. Run your A/C during the hottest times of the day while your whole house fan keeps cool fresh air circulating at night. This helps your home become more cost and energy efficient while ensuring you and your family have a comfortable home to enjoy, regardless of the weather outside. Allen Service will work with you to find the best option for your home.

Explore the Different Types of Fans

As expected, more than one type of whole house fan is available. Each type has pros and cons, and our team will work with you to help you choose the best option possible. The three main whole house fan types are standard, ducted, and insulated door fans. Here is an overview of the different types:

  • Standard Whole House Fans – These resemble typical box fans and are commonly found in attics. When not in use, the dampers remain closed, but when open and activated, the whole house exhaust fan pushes cool air inside your home.
  • Ducted Whole House Fans – This fan uses long insulated ducts with a finished vent on one side and a larger fan on the other. Ducted whole house fans are the quietest of all available types as the fan is commonly more than 10 feet away from where air enters your home.
  • Insulated Door Whole House Fans – Insulated door fans are commonly installed on an attic floor. When not used, the fan is closed off with heavily insulated doors.

Book Your Whole House Fan Installation Today

Keeping your home cool during the summer shouldn’t break the bank. Allen Service provides unrivaled customer service while exceeding any expectations. Our professionals have the skills and experience to install your new whole house fan quickly. Your new fan will save money on your energy bill while quietly keeping your entire home cool. You’ll notice a more comfortable living space with improved air quality when completed. Don’t hesitate to reach out to schedule your appointment today!

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