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$29 Furnace Tune-Up & Sanitization

Limited time only, ask the dealer for more details.

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• Monitor a complete heat cycle to ensure proper operation
• Test safety controls
• Perform gas leak detection and carbon monoxide testing with the unit running
• Visually inspect the heat exchanger for hot spots and cracks
• Inspect and adjust the burner assembly
• Check the ignition system including the flame sensor and igniter
• Check gas pressures
• Check the furnace filter for debris and dirt
• Check the thermocouple and pilot (Older furnaces)
• Take amperage draws on motors
• Check for adequate combustion air
• Airflow performance check
• Check venting
• Inspect carbon monoxide alarms and perform a visual safety inspection of the mechanical room and equipment
• Check the wiring
• Check the thermostat for proper operation

• Clean the flame sensor
• Clean the pilot assembly (Older furnaces)
• Clean the burner assembly
• Clean cabinet exterior

• Complete sanitizing of interior and exterior of HVAC system with a hospital grade disinfectant
• Our treatment is non-acidic and is effective against viruses, bacteria, tuberculosis, fungus and mildew
• Sanitizes and deodorizes upon application
• No Breakdown Guarantee:

*If we provide a clean bill of health and there are any issues during the current heating season we will apply 100% of the cost of the tune-up towards any repairs.

Call 970-494-7669 to schedule your Furnace Tune-Up & Sanitization.

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