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$39 AC Tune-Up

Limited time only, ask the dealer for more details.

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Inspect the following:
• Install homeowner supplied air filters
• Condenser coil
• Condensate drain
• Check for proper fuse size and type
• Condenser coil and lubricate
• Evaporative blower motor and lubricate
• Evaporative coil
• Electrical disconnect and all field wiring
• Check for bent fins and straighten them
• Check refrigerant piping for damage or leaks
• Ductwork
• Thermostat operation
• Unit input voltage and current
• Indoor and outdoor temperatures
• Compressor’s rated load amperage
• All electrical components
• Airflow for any hot and cold spots
• Check refrigerant system for acid/moisture
• Unit refrigeration pressures, temperatures and refrigerant charge
• Indoor air quality products
• Carbon monoxide levels
• Monitor a complete cooling cycle to ensure proper operation

No Breakdown Guarantee:
If we provide a clean bill of health and there are any issues during the current heating season we will apply 100% of the cost of the tune-up towards any repairs.

Call 970-494-7669 to schedule your AC Tune-Up.

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