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Solar Water Heaters Are Not Only Bio-Friendly, but Cost Effective

Solar water heaters are environmentally friendly and can save you money on your utility bills! If you have questions about how they work or if you want to schedule and water heater installation appointment, go ahead and give us a call today! We’ve been water heating experts for over 50 years!

running bathroom sink

Advantage #1: Tax Credits

The government will pay 30% of the entire cost (no cap).

Advantage #2: Long-Term Energy Savings

Solar water heaters actually pull their fuel from the sun’s rays, not the electric or gas company.

Advantage #3: Low Carbon Footprint

Imagine the satisfaction of having your hot water needs met by using the sun’s energy, not fossil fuels that add unwanted pollution to our environment.

Advantage #4: Your Neighbors Will be Jealous!

This needs no explanation because everyone would like to have one of these amazing systems.

$100 OFF

Any New Water Heater Tank Replacement

Limited time only, ask dealer for more details. Expires 11/30/2018.

You Deserve Service This Good!TM