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The Best Professionals Providing the Most Reliable Plumbing and Cooling Services

Talk with one of our friendly, helpful phone representatives – you’ll be confident that you made the right call to solve your plumbing, heating or air conditioner problems. Our knowledgeable technician will greet you with a clean appearance and a warm smile.

The whole team is backed by supportive, industry-leading management and is dedicated to your satisfaction through continuous training on the latest innovations in the home plumbing, heating and cooling services industry.


Mike D

Sewer Service Manager

Mike has been with Allen service since 1991, starting as a Service Professional, he worked up to Service Manager in no time. Under Mike's guidance our Service Professionals are well educated, confident, and happy, they genuinely love what they do and care about you. You will see Allen Service difference as soon as they get to the door. Mike has over 37 license and certificates in the fields of plumbing, heating, air and sewer. All making him a valued member of the Allen Service team! An Illinois native, Mike is married with two daughters and now they are grown he enjoys traveling the country with his wife.

Alec N

Service Professional

With Allen since 2003
Specialty: Service
Professional Achievements: Licensed plumber, certified in backflow prevention, HVAC and 14 years in drain cleaning.
About: A Wyoming native, Alec is married with four children. He enjoys martial arts, powerlifting, and the outdoors.

Val M


Zachary P


David R


Kendall S

HVAC Service Manager

Kendall came to Allen Service 23 years ago, we were his first and only “real job”. He started in our warehouse and with his no-nonsense hardworking personality he quickly became warehouse-purchasing-install manager than made his way to his current position keeping the HVAC team in line as the HVAC Service Manager. Kendall attended CSU studying Social Science and American history.

When he’s not working you can find Kendall coaching basketball and spending time with his family.


Christina E


Mary C

SPP Admin/Dispatch/CSR

With Allen since 1985
Professional Achievements: Nexstar CSR/DSR training
About: A Colorado native, Mary loves the outdoors, camping, cooking, and gardening.

Melissa L

HVAC Dispatcher

Melissa is a Colorado native currently working on her Criminal Justice degree so she can work with teenagers (brave woman). When Melissa's not here bossing the guys around she enjoys spending time with her 8 siblings (yes 8)! Hanging out with friends, shooting pool or just curling up with a good book.

Robin M

Customer Service

Robin is one of the friendly voices you'll hear when calling Allen Service. She comes to us with over 6 years’ experience in Customer Service. Robin really has a passion to help people, she wants to make sure you’re comfortable in the home.

When she’s not working you’ll find Robin helping people set up travel plans. She enjoys working in her garden or relaxing by the fire pit dreaming about future travels.

Vanessa O


Debbie P


With Allen since 1983
Professional Achievements: Nexstar CSR/DSR training, new construction admin training
About: A Iowa native, Debbie is married with one grown daughter. She enjoys gardening, sports and the outdoors.

Dustin S

Plumbing Dispatcher

Dustin is a Colorado Native graduated from CSU with his bachelor in Commutations Study and minor in Business Administration. Dustin is a valued member of the team, his positive outgoing nature makes him pleasure to work with. Dustin is passionate about human/animal rights, our planet. When he is not working you'll find him in the hills on his snowboard, and enjoying spending time under the blue Colorado skies.

Danielle S


Shannon S

Customer Service

Shannon is passionate about working she really puts her heart into it. With 14 plus years' experience in Customer Service she is a valued member of the Allen Service team. On the rare days she not working you can find her at Lucile's working. Oh wait that's right she likes working so much she is on double duty. Really though you will find her with her family, up in the hills hiking or doing a little shopping.

Christopher C


Luke A


Richard M

Comfort Consultant, HVAC Professional

With Allen since 1999
Specialty: Service
Professional Achievements: NATE certified, also in; home health science, heat exchangers and ductwork design.
About: A Colorado native, Richard enjoys spending time with his family, traveling and hunting.

Stephen H

Comfort Consultant, HVAC Design & Sales

With Allen since 2000
Professional Achievements: BA in business, certificates in HVAC design, Nexstar sales school, home health science, and mechanical license.
About: Steve is Pennsylvania native and long-time Colorado resident who enjoys golf, movies and working on his family ranch in the mountains.

Steven G


Manuel M


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